How to Become a Member

Candidates: Prospective members of Drafn are first made Candidates by a consensus vote of the members. Fighting candidates usually spend anywhere from six months to several years as candidates before they become voting members.

Each candidate must:

  1. Not be exceptionally obnoxious, boring, or dim-witted.
  2. Be at least 16 years of age.
  3. Be an authorized SCA fighter (if qualifying as a fighter).
  4. Own a complete suit of functional armor (if qualifying as a fighter.
  5. Be vouched for by a sponsor.

Friends of Drafn: Non-fighters can be voted in also as a “Friend of Drafn” to recognize their contributions to the warband.

Voting Members: New Members must be at least 17 years of age and are elected by a majory of the current voting members. If qualifying as a fighter, the candidate must:

  1. 1. Own suitable weapons and accouterments.
  2. 2. Own a large Drafn round shield.
  3. 3. Have fought with Drafn in at least three wars (at least two of these as a candidate).

A fighter should also fight in the Shield Wall in three wars at the Drottin’s discretion. If qualifying as a non-fighter the potential voting member must have made a significant contribution to Drafn’s goals through service to the Drafn Elders.

Minimum requirement to be considered shall be, but not limited to, at least six events or projects where service was performed. Service may include feasts, camp set up, camp fires, clean up, water bearing, running games, hosting debriefs or other jobs as needed by the Elders.

Senior Members: Are members who have served Drafn long and well. Drafn Cloaks: Signify your status in Drafn. Cloaks are blue with the following color borders:

Blue – Candidates and friends
Red – Voting members
White – Peers
Gold – Senior members

Elders of Drafn: The Elders of Drafn are the Drottin, the Lawspeaker, and the Lenderman. The Drottin commands Drafn on the field and is the focal point for on-the-field activities. The Lawspeaker is responsible for maintaining, interpreting, and enforcing Drafn’s guidelines. The Lenderman is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the non-military aspects of Drafn, and is the focal point for off the field activities. Each Elder appoints one or more officers to assist them in their duties and to help run Drafn.